• Beakers, flasks and containers

    Beakers, flasks and containers

    - Borosilicate 3. 3 glass is widely used in chemical and engineering applications.
    This glass is chemically resistant, has a low thermal expansion coefficient and
    can be used at relatively high temperatures.

  • Volumetric glassware

    Volumetric glassware

    - Class A volumetric material with individual calibration certificate.

    - Measuring Cylinders, volumetric flasks, pipettes, burettes, in boro 3.3.

  • Test tubes and centrifugal

    Test tubes and centrifugal

    - Manufactured in two types of glass: soda lime and boro 3.3.

    - Packaged in handy boxes with retractable plastic.

  • Filtration, separation and funnels

    Filtration, separation and funnels

    - Filtration equipment, Soxhlet extractor, refrigerants,

    funnel separatory , distillation parts , in boro 3.3.